About us.

Our core beliefs are providing an exceptional service for our customers. We believe in honesty, transparency, and taking your needs seriously. This is why our customers love visiting our store as we never forget our core values and ensure you not only receive the products or service you are looking for, but also leave with an experience. We have helped countless clients from Vancouver and many other cities in British Columbia which is why Kingsway Vacuum is considered the go-to for all your Vacuum and Janitorial products & services.
Vacuum and Janitorial Supply Store in Vancouver

Best Vacuum Cleaner Store in Vancouver.

"Our Vacuum Sales, and Repair Shop in Vancouver has a lot to offer. We carry a full line of Janitorial Supplies, Commercial Vacuum Cleaners, Window Cleaning Supplies, Specializing in Microfibre Wet Mop Systems, More Synthetic Best Quality Vacuum Cleaners Bags than most places,. Johnny Vac (Ghibli) Quiet Shop Vacs, Cordless Commercial Vacuums and a huge selection of Back Pack Vacuums. Huge Selection of Synthetic Dusters, Lambswool Dusters, Feather Dusters. Sidewinders, Lots of Attachments for Vacuum Cleaners in Vancouver."

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